Overview of the most important rules:


Teams are formed of 1, 2 or 3 people.

There are two categories of teams, students and professionals.
Students contains teams whose members are all currently studying and have not yet obtained a Master's degree nor started a doctoral program.
Professionals contains all other teams. (even if only one member of the team is not a student, the team is still considered as professionals)

There will be a separate ranking for the student category, and both categories can win attractive prizes.


The registration fee is CHF 5. If you wish to participate in the after-contest dinner, you must pay for it as well.
Members of the PolyProg and VIS associations, as well as participants from SOI, are exempt from the fee.

There is a short task to be solved after registration, to prove participants know how to code.

Register, pay and solve your task as quickly as possible to guarantee your place; confirmations are on a first-come first-served basis.

Conduct of the contest

The contest is preceded by a dry run, to get contestants acquainted with the judging system. All data on the team’s computers will be erased after the dry run, and its results do not affect the contest in any way.

The contest lasts 4 hours and 30 minutes, and features algorithmic problems that may be divided into sub-problems.

The contest takes place on computers running our specialized contest environment.

Participants may ask for their source code to be printed in order to help with debugging.


Teams are ranked according to the amount of sub-problems they solve correctly. There is no partial credit.

Ties in the ranking are broken according to the time taken to solve problems; if a team submits an incorrect solution, it receives a time penalty.

During the last hour of the contest, the ranking display is frozen and the winners are only announced at the ending ceremony.